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Week 12 of the puppy diary starts today.....time flies...... Probably the last week of this puppy diary as we are convinced all the puppies have super families!

page of week 12


Week 12 van het puppy dagboek start vandaag ...... de tijd vliegt...... Waarschijnlijk is dit de laatste week van het puppy dagboek omdat we volop hebben kunnen volgen hoe goed de puppies terecht zijn gekomen en we ervan overtuigd zijn dat ze allemaal bij super families terecht zijn gekomen!

pagina van week 12

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The beginning of week 10 today. Still 2 puppies left, one of them is saying goodbye today also...... the house is empty :(

We receive many pictures of the puppy buyers and the puppies in their new houses, so nice to see how wonderful they are doing. I'm very proud of the little ones!

Page of week 10


Het begin van week 10 vandaag. Nog 2 puppies zijn hier aanwezig, waarvan er eentje straks ook ons zal uitzwaaien en naar haar nieuwe thuis zal gaan.... Het huis is leeg :(

We ontvangen heel veel foto's van de puppy kopers en de puppies in hun nieuwe thuis, het is fantastisch om te zien hoe geweldig ze het doen. Ik ben zeer trots op de kleintjes!

Pagina van week 10


The puppies are already 5 weeks old today! They are doing great. They are playing a lot in the garden, luckely the weather is great. They scream in the morning to get out, standing before the window...... it is much more fun outside then inside.

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De puppies zijn reeds 5 weken oud vandaag! Ze doen het super goed. Ze spelen veel in de tuin, gelukkig is het weer fantastisch. Ze staan 's morgens voor de raam te gillen dat ze naar buiten willen........ Het is zoveel leuker buiten dan binnen.

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flatcoated retriever pup
flatcoated retriever pup


The puppies are already 1 week old .......... everything is going great, the puppies gained a lot of weight, mama Fenna is a super mama, I couldn't wish for more

Time flies too fast....... we enjoy every minute of them, it is so nice to see their development

Time for a new page,

as we update a lot nowadays ;)

Look at page WEEK 2

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Whizzbang’s Fillipa K (aka “Cayenne”) made her show start today and what a day she had at the double championship CAC show organized by the Belgian Retriever Club (BRC) and the Belgian Flatcoated Retriever Club (BFRC) together.

The results :

BFRC : 1 VP, Best Baby of Breed, Best Baby in Show (Judge Arnauld Thioloy (FR))

BRC : 1 VP, Best Baby of Breed (jugde : Frank Whyte (UK)) , Best Baby in Show (Anne Woodcock (UK))

Whizzbang’s Fillipa K (SECH(U) SEVCH NOUCh Almanza Burberry Goodiebag x WJW11 NOCH SECH(U) Whizzbang’s Moon Under Water)

Also C.I.E. NLCH HRCH Whizzbang’s Scarlet Rivera (“Fenna”) BJCH’13 BJW’13 NLJCH’13 NLJW’13 NLW’13 DEJCH(VDH)’13 S’14 was rewarded as TOP FLATCOAT OF THE YEAR 2014 and received the challenge cup. As she could not be present due to her pregnancy, little Cayenne took the honours

flatcoated retriever pup


For all future puppy buyers, this is what Flatcoats love the most, the more dirty water, the better. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

Take a look at our puppy page diary also, it will be updated regulary

puppy diary


Voor alle toekomstige puppy kopers, dit is wat Flatcoats het liefst doen. In het nederlands zegt men " hoe vettiger, hoe prettiger" :)

Jullie zijn gewaarschuwd!

Neem ook een kijkje in ons puppy dagboek, deze pagina zal regelmatig geupdate worden

puppy dagboek

flatcoated retriever pup
flatcoated retriever pup


Little Dee Dee is growing up nicely -

10 months old today

CACI's Shiny Cadillac for BAB

(CH Black Mica's For Those Who Dare x CH Caci's Shines in The Dark)

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Speechless ......... from the 'With 4 in Bed' report we received from one of our puppybuyers.

This is nice, really nice!

They are not 100%, not 200% , BUT 500% satisfied.......

Nice to hear all our hard work payed off!

JM, you made my day!

page of week 11


Sprakeloos ........ van het 'Met 4 in Bed' rapport dat we ontvingen van 1 van onze puppykopers.

Dit is leuk, zeer leuk!

Ze zijn niet 100%, niet 200% MAAR 500% tevreden....... Leuk te horen dat al ons harde werk niet voor niets was!

JM, je maakt mijn dag!

Pagina van week 11

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The puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to leave home.....

:( :(

I am so glad I have the best puppy buyers ever! I'm sure they will all be living in good homes. That makes me happy. But it makes me sad that they will leave .........It was a lovely time with them....... I will miss them all!

Page of week 9


De puppies zijn 8 weken oud en klaar om hun 'thuis' te verlaten......... :( :( Ik ben zo blij dat ik zo een goede puppy kopers heb! Ik ben er zeker van dat ze allemaal in een goed thuis terecht zullen komen. Dat maakt me zeer blij. Maar het maakt me wel verdrietig dat ze zullen vertrekken........ het was een fantastische tijd samen met hen.......... ik ga ze allemaal missen!

Pagina  van week 9


Week 8 is already starting today :'(

We did the puppy tests last Monday and it went great!

Read more about it on the page of week 8

Look at the page of week 8


Week 8 start vandaag al :'(

We hebben de puppytesten gedaan afgelopen maandag en het ging super!

Lees er meer over op de pagina van week 8

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flatcoated retriever pup
flatcoated retriever pup


The puppies are 6 weeks old. Mommy Fenna and all the 9 puppies are doing great. We have put them all on the grooming table to take some nice standing pictures. The loved the meat ;)

Look at the page of week 7


De puppies zijn 6 weken oud. Mama Fenna en alle 9 pupppies doen het super goed. We hebben hen allemaal op de trimtafel gezet om mooie standfoto's te nemen. Ze vonden het vleesje heel lekker ;)

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Time flies to fast! The puppies are already 4 weeks old and doing great! Mama Fenna is still doing a great job, it is such a pleasure to watch them all together.

They are moving more and more and faster and faster so we have to keep a close eye on them. They are playing together a lot. Also using 'the bathroom' as it should be :) long live the newspapers .......

Look at the page of week 5


De tijd vliegt te snel! De puppies zijn reeds 4 weken oud and doen het super! Mama Fenna doet nog altijd fantastisch haar job als mama, het is een plezier om naar hen allen te kijken.

Ze bewegen meer en meer en worden sneller en sneller dus we moeten hen in het oog houden. Ze spelen veel samen. En gebruiken 'de badkamer' zoals het zou moeten :)  lang leve de gazetten

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flatcoated retriever pup
flatcoated retriever pup


The puppies are already 3 weeks old so we had to make a new page to start week 4 of their lives to follow their adventures

Look at the page of week 4


De puppies zijn reeds 3 weken oud dus hebben we een nieuwe pagina gemaakt om week 4 te beginnen zodat jullie de avonturen in hun 4e levensweek kunnen volgen

Klik hier om naar de pagina van week 4 te gaan

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Nice present in de mailbox today!!

The International Show Champion Title for Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera "Fenna"

This makes her official name now sound like

C.I.E. NLCH HRCH Whizzbang’s Scarlet Rivera BJCH’13 BJW’13 NLJCH’13 NLJW’13 NLW’13 DEJCH(VDH)’13 S’14 TOP FLATCOAT OF THE YEAR 2014


Mooi kadootje in de brievenbus vandaag !!

De Internationale Showkampioenstitel voor Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera "Fenna"

Dit maakt haar officiele naam nu klinken als

C.I.E. NLCH HRCH Whizzbang’s Scarlet Rivera BJCH’13 BJW’13 NLJCH’13 NLJW’13 NLW’13 DEJCH(VDH)’13 S’14 TOP FLATCOAT OF THE YEAR 2014

flatcoated retriever pup


Already 14 days old, so we started a new page that is the beginning of week 3 for the puppies.

The puppies already start walking around the litter box, so nice to see them trying trying trying ..........

Look at page WEEK 3

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Very proud with the new born litter of Flatcoated Retrievers at Kennel Bel Ami Belge.

4 black males

5 black females

were born yesterday in a speed tempo of 2,5 hours

Mother and children are doing great! Fenna is a super mama!

Time for a new page for all the updates

Puppy diary after birth

flatcoated retriever pup


Spring in Belgium

We love this kind of weather !

Click to see more pictures

flatcoated retriever pup


To make sure every puppy buyer can follow the adventures of the upcoming litter, we have started a new page on our website.

From now on you can find all the new information about the future litter on this page.

Puppy Diary

flatcoated retriever pup


Fenna received very lovely flowers to celebrate her pregnancy.


J + MR + Y + I !!!


Happy to announce Bel Ami Belge's upcoming litter for May 2015.

In March we have bred Fenna (CH Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera) to Denzel (CH Brightmoor Too Much Information).

Fenna had an ultrasound today which confirmed the pregnancy.

Puppies expected mid May 2015

You can contact us for more information if you are interested in a puppy of this combination

flatcoated retriever pup


Puppy plans

After a very long search to the perfect match, we have decided to mate


Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera



Brightmoor Too Much Information

The mating is probably in March so the puppies are expected in May 2015 and ready to leave home in July 2015.

If you are interested in a puppy of this combination, please contact me for more information.

Click below for :

More information about this combination

More information about Denzel

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International CACIB dogshow Paris - France

The 2 ladies went on tour to Paris with great success!

"Dee Dee" CACI's Shiny Cadillac for BAB


BOB Puppy

"Fenna" CH Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera

won champion class and became


and this makes her


In the ring of honour Fenna took the 3th place in the group judging!

Breed judge : Dan Ericcson (Sweden)

Group judge : Dan Ericcson (Sweden)

flatcoated retriever


Lovely message from the postman today

The official homologated International Champion titel of Dustin has arrived

flatcoated retriever pup

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